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About Maison Noora

Maison Noora is a contemporary fashion and fine jewelry brand based in France.
Noora, the designer and founder behind the brand, develops jewelry collections with her sights set on excellence, driven by a deep passion for all forms of art and craftsmanship within the fashion world.
Our team of master jewelry artisans, experts in their field, craft all jewelry pieces using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. We exclusively use ethically sourced precious metals and high-quality materials, including 925 sterling silver, 18k gold, and rhodium. Rhodium, commonly used over white gold, not only protects our 925 sterling silver pieces against oxidation but also brings a beautiful shiny silver luster, making it one of our main selected precious materials.
Our ultimate mission is to offer our clients exclusive high-quality, ethically made, and fairly priced jewelry pieces. Simultaneously, we thrive on the creative process all the while preserving our savoir-faire, ensuring each piece is a wearable work of art.
We are grateful for your support and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience at our online shop.
We invite you to reach out with any special requests, inquiries, and to share your experiences with us. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you and we will be delighted to provide personalized advice.
Maison Noora Team